Our new home, 134 Hialeah Dr.

Hialeah, Fl 

Buy our  delights at:

  The In Your Face Delights brick and mortar store 134 Hialeah Drive, Hialeah, Fl  33010.   Saturday:  Coconut Grove Farmers Market, 3300 Grand Ave, Miami, Fl  33133 

Sunday:  Vizcaya Village & Garden Farmers Market. 3280 S. Miami Ave. 


                    The In Your Face Delights Store:

134 Hialeah Drive, Hialeah , Fl,  33010 .  3 blocks north of Miami Springs Circle just across the Okeechobee Canal :

Look for Quinoa inspired take-out entrees, refreshing Kombucha, dark chocolates, non-dairy ice creams, raw fruit pies/tarts, Granola in several forms, little people raw fruit and fruit/vegetable popsicles and announcing......

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The Nada Empanada[tm]

The Frozen Fruit and Nut Empanada that is eaten as a frozen dessert or snack and contains NO wheat four.  We grind dates, almonds and orange peel and use it as our 'dough.  Put in it an empanada mold and fill it full of  Passion Fruit, or Key Lime, or Tamarind or 3 berries; raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, and then freeze it. It's raw, delicious, nutritious without dairy, gluten, cane sugar



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Creating outrageously healthy and delicious  gastronomical adventures for you and your family!

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Order by Email at info@inyourfacedelights.com

for Farmers Market or Kitchen pickup at 134 Hialeah Drive, Hialeah, Fl 33010.  Call/text 305 704 7408

Home of Raw Fruit, Frozen Purees and Healthy Bites

Other locations and events.

To start,  In-Your-Face-Delights™  is marketing locally in the Miami area at some of our best Farmers Markets and Festivals. Coconut Grove Farmers Market on Saturday and on Sundays we go to either Vizcaya Village Farmers Market .   In Your Face Delights also particpates in many special events such as the Summer Fruit Festival at Fruit and Spice Park, Fairchild Botanical Garden's Mango Festival, The Ramble and the Fairchild International Chocolate Festival where we are a featured creator, to name a few.  From this very grounded base we  will target the restaurant and catering industries by offering a ready to go dessert option at our take out location, at 134 Hialeah Drive, Hialeah, Fl  33010 opening July 23, 2019 

                                                            Text or call 305 704 7408

Our Mission & Vision:

​​​​​​In-Your-Face-Delights™  was born out of the need to create and share deliciously and nutritious desserts, snacks and treats. Philosophically we believe if what you are eating is not nutritious is is not food......and, who wants it anyway if it is not delicious.  So, other words,  our job is to marry delicious with nutritious! 

Currently we have opened a new take-out locations where we combine three classic culinary traditions in one location.

In Your Face Delights will be there with its dark chocolates, non dairy ice creams, raw fruit pies, granola and little people popsicles'.  You will discover that many of our products are  free of Gluten, Dairy, Egg and Cane Sugar and many of our products are tree nut free as well. So join us on a gastronomical journey and visit places your palate has never tasted.

​Additionally  we  offer an array of entrees that are Quinoa based and vegan friendly We Call it Quinoa Connection. Quinoa being one of the healthiest grains on the planet. All of which pairs perfectly with our locally brewed Kombucha. Find more info a www.quinoa-connection.com