Mango Balls Naked

Our 100% Sweet Mangos are pureed into balls and frozen into ideal mouth-size bites.  They are a perfect refreshment on a warm day, a great palate cleanser when enjoying a wonderful meal , enriching in a fruit smoothie and way too much fun in your favorite cocktail!

Tubs of 10 balls: $ 6, box  of 30: $ 20

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Tropical Fruit -Coconut Cream - Ice Creams

we them Coladas

Dark Chocolate Combinations

​​​​​​Dates in Heaven (tm)

Crunchy roasted almonds hidden in a sensuous sun-ripened date submerged in outrageous rich and dark chocolate!!!

​The Quintet: Five in a box: $ 9.00  10 Pack $17

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Raw Fruit Purees


Razzamatazz in the Dark (tm)

A Berry Explosion; Raspberry, Blackberry and Blueberries, pureed together and ignited with agave and lime, frozen and then plunged into a warm pool of outrageously delicious chocolate.

Box of 5 : $ 6.00           Box of 10: $ 11.00

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First we make the Chocolate Butter, which we now call, Chocolate Budder.   This is a luscious blend of organic coconut cream and dark chocolate which forms the  round center of the Musket Ball.  (see Chocolate Budder below)  Then we plunge this  gastronomically explosive center  ( 60% cacao) into a pool of dark chocolate, and now,  fasten your seat belt,  let it melt in your mouth.    Keep refrigerated.  Optionally order the Chocolate Budder in a 5 oz tub, below our next entry

                                             Order in 1/4 or 1/2 lb boxes: $9 or $17 

              place 'order' in your subject line or,

                    text us to pick up at the next farmers market nearest you: 305 283 1958

The Frozen Fuit Log

     A celebration of Mother Earth's Treasures

Three outstandingly delicious purees, Mango-Ginger, Strawberry, Blackberry, uniquely assembled and wrapped in a our Date-Almond-Orange cover, rolled into a hearty log of celebration. Every bite is refreshingly unique .   .
Buy it buy the slice, or,  1/2 log +/- 6"  serves 10-12, or, whole log +/- 12" serves +/- 20-24

slice $ 4.00, 1/2 log $ 20, whole log $ 40

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Real ice cream, BUT, not cream from the cow. This means no dairy.  We use cream from Organic Coconuts. That's right!  In Your Face Delights blends raw tropical fruit with Organic Coconut Cream and  Organic Raw Agave.    We call them coladas.

Our flavors include Pina Colada, Passion Fruit Colada/maracuya) , Guava Colada,  Tamarind Colada and Sour sop/ Guanabana Colada

Warning:  amazing if rum falls into your favorite tub of tropical fruit colada. be careful!

​Also available with Chia!

Price $ 8 a 5 oz tub.

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  A Snowy Date In Heaven(tm)

It's a Date In Heaven(tm) , see above, that ran into a snow storm of unsweetened dried Coconut: a buxom medjool date, stuffed with dry roasted almonds, plunged into dark chocolate and rolled into a cloud of unsweetened coconut.  It's Outrageaous!

 A duet; $5.00. Box of 4; $ 9.00,  Box of  8  $17

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Chocolate Budder


         passion fruit          Key lime      Tamarind   Rasperry-blueberry-blackberry​

Mango              Strawberry      Pineapple      Kiwi

Raw Blueberries, the power berries, blend beautifully with our Avocado based Key Lime Pie making this delight not only a  planetary first, but simultaneously,  a nutritional and gastronomical Grand Slam!  Two great power fruits join forces, Avocado and Blueberry.  It can't  get any healthier than this!

Ingredients;  key lime, avocado, organic coconut cream, raw whole blueberries,  raw organic Florida Keys, key lime honey, or raw organic agave, sea salt , vanilla, and, a date, almond, orange crust.  Every element contributing to your nutritional well being.

   price: 4" tart, $ 9.00,  

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Products & Prices

Nothing says Autumn like crisp Fall air filled with aromas of Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ginger, Allspice and Pumpkin Pie.  This All American classic, however,  just got lighter and tastier.  We whip Organic Coconut Cream into our beta-carotene rich pumpkin and then baptize it with organic apple juice, natural maple syrup and blend these nutritious ingredients into a lively combinations of those great harvest spices we love.  Available in 4" tarts, 8" Pies please order in advance. 

But you don't have to wait until Fall. Order one today!

4" tart $ 9.00, 

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Congradulations you made it all the way through the product list, which btw is always growing.  Now come visit us at our Store Front take-out Kitchen 134 Hialeah Drive, Hialeah, Fl.  33010,  3 blocks north of Miami Springs circle across the Okeechobee canal.     305 704 7408  Opening on or around July 1, 2019.  Check with you delivery services Uber Eats, Grub Hub, Postmates soon for availability. 

gluten, egg, dairy, sugar free


 Nada Empanadas(tm)

Creative Dark Chocolate Combinations,

Raw Fruit Purees,   Raw Fruit Puree Combos,

Non-Dairy Ice Creams, Raw Fruit Popsicles,  Raw Fruit Pies,

Almonds. Also we offer Savory Quinoa Entrees at our new store front 134 Hialeah Drive, Hialeah Fl.  33010.  We are vegan friendly

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cluster

Organic peanut butter in clusters cannon balled into 60% lactose free Dark Chocolate and packaged in 4 oz boxes.  $9.00 Call or text your order 305 704 7408 or pick up at our markets or our Hialeah store.

Non Dairy Ice Creams

Chocolate Budder

Raw Fruit Popsicles - in little people sizes

Holy Mole Popsicle:

Pineapple, Avocado,Spinach, Lime, Raw Organic Agave, Ginger

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Raw Fruit Puree Combinations

Nada Empanadas​

Triple Coconut Bliss

Creating outrageously healthy and delicious  gastronomical adventures for you and your family!

Passion Fruit Pies and Tarts

Imagine an empanada that has no wheat flour, but made just of ground dates, almonds and orange zest. and then this 'dough' is put in an empanada mold which then permits us to fill it with purees of either Passion Fruit, or Key Lime pie filling, or Tamarind, or Raspberry, Blueberry and Blackberry (3 berries together) and then freeze it and eat it frozen. Delicious, nutritious, without dairy, gluten, cane sugar.

and only $6.00 each.  Order # 305 704 7408 or pick up at our Markets, or run by the kitchen for a grab and go snack.


Blueberry Key Lime Pie

 A unique chocolate celebration: two simple components; 50% organic coconut cream, 50% Dark chocolate blended and frozen to reveal a cool, refreshing, smooth, and very enriching chocolate experience .  Eat it frozen like Ice Cream Squares or thaw  slightly and use as a chocolate butter! Wow! ...or plunge a square into your morning coffee to make "loco coco choco moca"                                                                         Sold in 5 oz tubs as Chocolate Butter

$9.00.   text us your order today & pick up at your local farmers market  

 text us 305 283 1958 or email us

Visit us today at our take-out store location

This deliriously delicious 50/50 blend of dark chocolate (60% cacao) and organic coconut cream sold in a 5 oz tub creates so many options for use; ice cream, a spread (like on a almond butter sandwich), on waffles and pancakes, on your lovers lips, in your morning coffee. ...and its vegan

$ 9.00 

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or call 305 704 7408  or 305 283 1958

Mango Mamas
Our sweet frozen Mango Puree Balls, plunged into our 60% dark and delicious chocolate!
Available in two delicious combinations:
​ 1) Mango Mamas described above. 2) Mayan Mango Mamas with Ginger and hint of Cayenne Pepper. explosion of flavors!!!!

Box of 5 : $ 6.00       Box of 10: $ 11.00

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Raw Fruit Tarts and Pies

All  Fruit Pies and Tarts are Free of  Gluten, Dairy, Egg and Cane Sugar.

               The All American Non-Ice Cream Sandwich

Our exquisite Mango-Ginger Puree non-dairy sandwiches  are individually sandwiched between two layers of  tasty  Date-Almond-Orange wrap. Robust with flavor and, no cream, no sugar, no sugar cookie, or gluten.  Its raw and outrageous, frozen and refreshing!

Served in a simple 3"x3" square for only $5.00

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Three forms of coconut, organic coconut cream, raw organic coconut palm  sugar, and unsweetened coconut flakes are merged into one coconut clump and then dropped into a pool of dark chocolate.  This is bliss for coconut and chocolate lovers!

Order in 1/4 or 1/2 lb boxes: $9 or $17.  place 'order in the subject line or, text us to pick up at the next farmers market nearest you: 305 283 1958

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Chocolate Banana Nirvana Pie

Discover nutritional  Nirvana when you taste this unique pie. It blends  velvety Organic Banana, Dark Rich Chocolate (60% cacao), Organic Coconut Oil, a kiss of Lime,  and our silent partner, local Avocado.  The Avocado is gastronomically silent but remains steadfast in its nutritional contribution.   It's a powerball pure and simple!

 If you like Chocolate and Banana, this pie ROCKS!
We embrace this Delight with our Date-Almond-Orange Crust.

4" individual Tart - $9,  

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Home of Raw Fruit, Frozen Purees and Healthy Bites

      Order at:   or

     text  Donald @ 305 283 1958 or

​305 704 7408

      Please put 'Order" in your subject.

      Pick up at one of our Farmers Market or

    stop by the kitchen for a grab and go 134 Hialeah Drive, Hialeah,33010. or stay for lunch and order from our Quinoa-Connection menu for a healthy savory meal.  



It's a Razzamatazz!

Can you believe THREE antioxidant rich berries; Razz, Blacks and Blueberries tickled with agave and lime and then frozen into tear drops.

Robust in flavor, nutrition, and fun. Great as a dessert, on desserts, in smoothies or in your favorite cocktail!

        Box of 10 : $  6.00        

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 This gastronomically rowdy gift from the Tropics, Passion Fruit, (Maracuya in S. America) has a distinctive tart and sassy taste signature of its own, and a hearty nutritional profile as well.  We tame our tarts and pies  with organic banana, and avocado and wrap it in our signature date-almond-orange crust.  If you are a gastronomical adventurer you too will become passionate about this lively  tropical gift!

Tarts $9,  

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Key Lime Pie Surprise

A tart and tangy tango on your palate.

A dairy, gluten and egg free celebration of  Key Limes, Coconut Creme, Florida Key's Key Lime Honey, or Raw Organic Agave, and the surprise -- a nutrition rich, sensuous Avocado base, all wrapped in our signature Date-Almond Orange Crust. 

Say adios to condensed milk, and all of its intense sugar and cream.  Say Hello to  nutritious deliscousness!

4" individual tarts - $9, 

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No Sugar, No Dairy but loads of Taste!

Delicious frozen, raw fruit popsicles.  Fresh Mango, Strawberry, Pineapple and Kiwi are our house flavors.  We have two outstanding  Vegetable/Fruit Popsicles,Holy Mole (Holy Moly) and Kaleidescope. Holy Mole is 50% Pineapple, 30% Avocado,15% spinach toned with Raw Organic Agave, Lime Juice and Ginger.  Kaleidescope Pops are 60% Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackberry pureed with Beet, Kale and toned with, Lime Juice and Raw Organic Agave.  In addition we have added a Chocolate Pop, which is  50% organic coconut cream and 50% dark Chocolate, uniquely rich, and in season, a Mango Pomegranate pop. These later two are @ $ 3.00

         So refreshing!!!..not only for kids...but, in  little people sizes.             

 $ 2.00 each  if you recycle the pop stick with us or $2. 50 if you don't.  

        Box of 6 popsicles -  $ 11.   9 pops for $15 or,  20 pops for $36       

$3 chocolate and mango/pomegranate when available. 

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A Gluten, Nut, and Milk free celebration of Deep Dark Chocolate.

Discover these organic gems;  Dehydrated Goji Berries, Cherries, Raisins and Blueberries buried in a vein of hearty, dark, milk free Chocolate (70%+ Cacao).

Also available with sea salt.  please specify when ordering.

 1/4 lb  $9.00 or 1/2 lb. $17.00

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Strawberry Tart


​​Nothing says Hello Spring, Hello Summer better than a glistening  dew- drenched Strawberry.   In Your Face Delights now offers as deliciously Sweet Strawberry Pie without dairy, gluten or egg, just like you wished your mother would make.  80% fresh strawberries, 20% blend of organic bananas and Avocado, kissed, as needed, with  either organic honey or raw organic agave and lime juice...... and all of this delicious nutrition, embraced by a Date-Almond-Orange Crust.

In 4" tarts @ $9.00,

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